Job Title is NOT indicative of JOB DESCRIPTION!

July 2nd, 2015

Why oh why, do candidates think that “Job Title is indicative of job description?”.  Even at six figure salaries you have people apply to jobs who have clearly and blatantly NOT read the job description.

Do you not realise this makes you look VERY silly!  The recruiter at the other end – is dumbfounded. Amazing! Lost for words! In fact, in some cases, it has been known that, that particular candidate will NEVER be used again.

From the recruiter perspective, we are looking for “attention to detail”.  High calibre candidates. Candidates who we can rely on to deliver to our clients, which we work so very hard to get!

Not, someone who just thinks they are ABOVE reading a job description.  Then to add insult to absolute injury, they call up – DEMANDING an interview.

It’s time to wake up!  If you don’t care to read the job description and you simply think that applying to everything will work – I am here to tell you, it won’t.  Recruiters – will no longer stand for it.

If the description says, must speak fluent French – then you MUST speak fluent French – not “well I can learn this”. Or must have UK GAAP experience for example and you have never worked in Accountancy before.  PLEASE PLEASE read the job description.

Taking the RISK out of the HIRING PROCESS!

April 2nd, 2014

Taking the RISK out of the Hiring Process

Hiring senior level executives in any business can be a risky and expensive business.

This is true for all businesses. So what are the key drivers to minimising your risk and how can McBarron Wood International help you do just that?

I am sure you wont be surprised to find out, that hiring senior level executives is actually more expensive than you first thought? Costs can be driven up by Recruitment Agency fees, but unfortunately that is only the start of the costs!

  • It is widely recognised that ALL new hires never come up to full effectiveness for at least one year! So during this period of learning your procedures and company traits is most certainly “down time” and inevitably an extremely expensive period
  • Most will need some sort of coaching or training
  • Company induction time!
  • And what if you have hired the wrong person!  What if they just don’t turn out the way you expected!  What is the cost of hiring the wrong applicant!

At this point, you hear in your ear, the very first call from the recruitment agency “got any vacancies?” and you slump into your chair, wishing you had researched who could help you in the market – and wishing it wasn’t that consultant who stumbled across your vacant appointment by sheer luck.  More importantly they filled it without any knowledge of your industry, but just simply advertising the position on 1 or 2 job boards and showing you a long list!  Doh!

Our recruitment research has found:

  • At least 39% of executives have considered walking away in their first three months of being appointed in their new role
  • At least 48 % feel they are a great fit to their new organisation
  • Nearly 41% of senior level executives said they could have been more productive if their start in the business had been better organised

So what is the cost of hiring the wrong candidate?

What is the cost of using a recruitment agency who clearly doesn’t understand, 1 your business and 2 what you need from the incoming candidate?

On the other hand why also do we think the hiring process finishes, the day the employee walks in on day one?

Finally when all is falling about you – you have to now consider how all of this looks if it doesn’t go well?

Our findings have found that you probably have 12-24 months to explore this new relationship with the incoming senior executive. If you have inadvertently made a mistake in your hire, then you are likely face with a severance cost, another recruitment fee and our teams valuable time to interview again!

It is said that the cost of resourcing a failed hire is in excess of 150%-200% of the cost of hiring the right person Lost time, lost revenue, salaries, tax, hiring costs and the list goes on and we haven’t even mentioned the market perception, employee turnover usually has a reputational risk exposure where the impact is probably incalculable

Failed hires walk away with IP (Intellectual Property) which is immeasurable. The information which they have learned in your care and have been paid for goes with them. In fact, they probably walk out with more IP than they walked in with.

So how can McBarron Wood International help you avoid these risks?

  • First, all of our consultants are Senior Level Executives.  So we would like to think we know what we are talking about.  Peer to peer conversations WORK!
  • Our sole aim is to DRIVE the HIRING COSTS & RISK out of the process!
  • We will talk to you about your vacant position, come and see you and decide together what is the best way forward for you.
  • We use methodologies, which our senior executives have learned over the years to ensure that we deliver the best talent on time every time.
  • We us coaching techniques to increase our certainty of the best outcome. i.e. the candidates we deliver, fit your vacant appointment. We focus on getting to know our candidates and delivering the candidate with as much context as possible. In essence a stronger hire, in a faster time which stay longer, because they fit your profile!

Remember, the next time you hear “got any vacancies”, for any level of hire – think twice.  Do these recruiters actually know what they are talking about?  Just some food for thought !

The hiring process doesn’t have to be a hard one or a risky one.

Seek Professional Assistance For Accountant Recruitment Services

December 24th, 2012

The era of Internet has made everything, whether it is a requirement or a luxury; appear well within the easy reach of people. From shopping to booking tickets for a tour, from advertising to the recruitment of professionals for a company, the Internet has made every aspect of life easier and more convenient. Talking about the recruitment of the professionals for any company, the Internet has indeed become a reliable and highly informative guide for the companies looking to hire the Accountants & administrative staff among many others.

Talking about the Accountant Recruitment Services, the Internet is a full-fledged guide having information about a large number of potential candidates along with their details like their qualification, salary bracket and specialization, which makes it easy for the companies to select the right candidate that fits their bill. There are many emerging service providers that offer efficient and reliable Accountant Recruitment Services to the companies.

Being time-saving as well as economical, the Accountant Recruitment Agencies can connect the right candidates to the suitable companies and vice-versa, which is indeed the biggest advantage of these services. With a good amount of understanding of the seemingly diverse needs of the various companies when it comes to Accounting, the Accountant Recruitment Firms can provide the best candidates to the companies. The Accountancy Recruitment Services realize that the current economic conditions are compelling enough to force the employers to trim down the cost of the companies they own. And, in such a scenario, the budgets involved in recruitment processes demand utmost justification. This is where the professional expertise of the Accountant Recruitment Services comes in handy.

The presence of the Accountant Recruitment Services has indeed made the seemingly hectic and time-consuming process of Accountant Recruitment quite easy and manageable. In order to find out the best companies offering Accountant Recruitment Services, the people can look for their past records and attempt to get in touch with the previous clients of the company.

McBarron Wood is one of the most sought-after Employment Agencies UK in the field of recruitment of Accountants and other finance professionals.  Offering the best services with an in-depth understanding of the needs of the clients as well as the candidates, the company is engaged in providing excellent Financial Recruitment Solutions. For further details regarding the Placement and Recruitment Services, visit the website

Role Of Financial Recruitment Firms In Placing Qualified Candidates In Accounting And Finance Jobs)

December 21st, 2012

Speaking in purely commercial terms, the relation between any professional and the organization is that of performance. The performance of the employee decides the kind of benefits that could come his/her way. And when the concerned employee is from the Accounting and Financial department of the company, his/her performance directly affects the growth and betterment of the company. The companies are always on the lookout for talented and qualified Accounting and Finance Personnel and this is why, they always turn to the professional Financial Recruitment Agencies for expert Financial Staffing Solutions. Needless to say, the role of these Financial Recruitment Agencies becomes very important in the eyes of the companies concerned as well as the candidates.

The primary points of importance in the scenario where companies hire the services of the Financial Recruitment Agencies for the search and selection of the Financial and Accounting Personnel is that they should have considerable experience as well as a good past record in this field. Added to that, the ideal Financial Recruitment Agency should have the capability of understanding the exact needs of the company as well as the candidate being referred. This helps the companies as well as candidates get the best opportunities

The role of the Finance Recruitment Agencies is of immense importance in the hunt for the right candidates since they have an accurate idea of the company requirements, and the search for the candidates is not that simple as it may sound. The search for the candidates is quite tedious and time-consuming and the expenses involved in this process are taken care of by the Financial Recruitment Agencies on the behalf of the companies they are working for. Catering to the requirements that may be specific or urgent, the Financial Recruitment Agencies provide the best solutions to the companies. All in all, the Financial Recruitment Agencies work directly with the companies as well as the candidates so as to ensure that both get the best results.

McBarron Wood is one of the major companies actively involved in the search as well as recruitment of highly qualified candidates for various Financial and Accounting jobs in the numerous companies. Having vast experience, in-depth understanding as well as a good track record in this field, the company is an established name as far as Accountancy Recruitment London is concerned. For more detailed information about the services being offered, visit the website

Finance Recruitment London: Ideal For Finance Professional

December 19th, 2012

The aim of every person about to step into the corporate world is to find a decent job that promises ample opportunities for growth while offering guaranteed financial security for a long period of time. Specifically in countries like the UK, where the competition is extremely tough and the contenders are plenty, finding a decent job is really an uphill task. Talking about a promising field that also happens to be lucrative, the Finance Sector is surely a domain to consider. Promising plenty of opportunities for growth and development, the Finance Sector is surely a vital cog in the society.

When the decision to make a career in Finance is taken, the people can search for the available opportunities through the Internet. There are various Financial Recruitment Agencies as well as Finance Professionals that can provide reliable assistance to the people willing to join the Finance Sector. With an accurate knowledge of the capabilities as well as requirements of the people, the Finance Recruitment Agencies can arrange for interviews with the leading firms of this domain.

The fact is that a majority of the leading firms in London as well as the rest of the UK require qualified and well-educated professionals in the Finance Sector. For that purpose, they stay in touch with many of the Finance Recruitment Agencies. So it is always a better option to approach these Finance Recruitment Agencies for a job. The Finance Recruitment Agencies work in a systemized manner wherein they fulfill the requirements of both the company as well as the job seeker. The Finance Recruitment Agencies provide the right direction to all jobseekers; experienced professionals as well as beginners.

Even in the case of the already employed jobseekers, these Finance Recruitment Agencies are of great importance as they provide regular information regarding the possible openings in new companies for these professionals. All in all, the Finance Recruitment Agencies are the ideal guide for all jobseekers & assist them in making the right career moves.

McBarron Wood is a leading Finance Recruitment Agency London specializing in providing consultancy for Finance and Accountancy professionals. The company has expertise in providing Accountancy Recruitment London. Here we take pains to understand the clients’ culture & offer Financial Staffing Solutions accordingly. McBarron Wood is a name that is much respected among all the Employment Agencies UK. For further details regarding the services as well as the related points to these services, visit the website

Qualifications… and beyond: How to stand out from the applicant crowd

April 2nd, 2012

Without a doubt, having decent qualifications matters. It shows a potential employer that you have the right knowledge, are intelligent enough to pick and pass the right exams, and have demonstrated laudable commitment to your chosen career, but are qualifications enough by themselves to guarantee you that job?
Whether you are coming to accountancy straight from university or college, are looking to change career paths or want to re-enter the workforce after a gap, recruiters will want to know about you as a person, not just an accountant. They will be looking for evidence in your CV and at interview that you are well-rounded and able to demonstrate desirable assets such as teamwork, leadership skills, negotiation and tenacity. Fee Only Financial Planners So how do you do that? Here are four suggested ways.

Have a working holiday
Finished your exams? Awaiting the outcome? Students freed from the shackles of revision can often face the prospect of long summer holidays, stretching out for miles in front of them with nothing to do until that all-important envelope containing their results plops through the letterbox. Tempting as it might be to hop on a plane to the nearest party paradise or sunbathing hotspot; this can be the perfect time to snatch up some work experience before you start to plan your proper ‘grown-up’ job applications in earnest.
Don’t limit your choices to opportunities with a direct link to your chosen profession. Almost any holiday job or work experience placement will bring with it lots of transferable skills, such as dealing with customers, handling disputes and coping with last-minute crises or changes of plans. And the extra money will come in handy too when you are buying those new interview clothes.

Look towards the greater good
Everywhere you turn, a good cause is clamouring for your support. Not just financial support, either. More and more charities are embracing volunteering, with many operating formal schemes aimed at getting people involved in their work and using their skills to help specific projects. From dry stone walling with The National Trust to hearing schoolchildren read, there are projects out there to suit everyone.
Image: A volunteer clears overgrown plants from an elementary school in America

Or you could choose something to match your accountancy skills. Sports clubs, playgroups and places of worship are just a few places that would welcome offers to help with the book-keeping. Volunteering opportunities like these carry with them excellent opportunities to hone the skills needed for a successful accountancy career. Patience, empathy and how to teach others are just a few examples. They are also a great way to meet new people!

Get your knowledge out into cyber space
Blogging. Everyone’s doing it. You’re reading a blog right now. Pick a topic and you can be pretty sure there will be someone out there writing about it online. Getting your words onto the internet enables you to showcase your financial knowledge or business acumen and offer useful advice. For example, an article on how to compare debt or understand inheritance tax will not only show future employers what you know, but also help demystify the financial world for your grateful readers.
Other online options include contributing to accountancy and finance forums. Again, this shows you feel confident enough in your knowledge to share it in public. Join LinkedIn and join some of the accountancy groups to learn more about your chosen career. Chances are, topics discussed here, and in other social media outlets will crop up at interview.

Flee the figures once in a while
Accomplishments in other areas, even those with no discernible link to accountancy could also impress recruiters. Taking music or dance exams shows a dedication to being the best in a chosen discipline, while model-making and cookery demonstrate crucial attention to detail and imagination. Perhaps you enjoy ornithology or plane spotting. Patience and the ability to keep accurate records are both attractive traits to an organisation looking to employ the best.

Image: a man and a woman performing ballet

Whatever your interests are, always keep one eye on your CV and work out how you can use your skills and accomplishments, not just those gleaned from your accountancy studies or financial sector experience, to enhance your application and chances of being successful in your chosen career.

Accounting Job Opportunities

January 30th, 2012

Accounting is a reputed and intellectual profession, which requires in-depth knowledge – practical as well as theoretical – of accounts and its principles. The accounting profession is best suited for people who are good in logical thinking, decision making and mathematics and have good knowledge of latest accounting software so as to conduct lengthy calculations, following the right approach. Accounting sector is very wide and offers great career opportunities for the aspiring candidates. Accounting Job Opportunities include jobs such as auditing, forensic accounting, tax accounting financial analysis and more. Accounting is one of the biggest money-making sectors across the globe and ensures prosperous future and personal satisfaction as well.

Different Accounting Job Opportunities:
Tax Accountant
The profile of a Tax Accountant includes specialisation in federal and state tax laws. A Tax Accountant is a financial expert who can resolve all kinds of tax issues for his/her employer. This profession is highly reputed and lucrative.

Accounting Analyst
An Accounting Analyst is responsible for core accounting tasks and financial management tasks of the organisations. The job of Accounting Analyst is to seek and rectify any accounting errors, and help in carrying out other financial aspects relating to taxes, payroll and other financial matters.

Payroll Accountant
The role of a Payroll Accountant is indispensable in any organisation. His responsibility includes all tasks concerned with payroll management. It’s a good earning profession. A Payroll Accountant coordinates with the Auditor and professionals from the HR and Accountancy departments as well.

An Auditor is responsible for smooth operations of the company. An auditor reviews, study, and document the financial aspects of the employer. S/he is responsible for core accounting of the company.

Corporate Accountant
A Corporate Accountant is responsible for accurate documenting of all financial dealings and records and is accountable directly to the top management of the company. His role is to seek all financial aspects of organisations with great accuracy.

Forensic Accountant
He is a financial expert who investigates illegal financial practices and misconducts involved in financial aspects of the company. He has to work with business attorneys and auditors as well. A Forensic Accountant requires specialisation in court proceedings, financial management and investigatory attitude.

Accounting Job Opportunities in London, UK, are vast and offer great professional and personal growth for aspiring candidates. Indeed, Accounting is an ever-growing sector, offering sky-bound opportunities.

Finding the Best Financial Recruitment Agencies

January 30th, 2012

Amid the swift economic boom in the commercial world, the financial sector is one such field that is offering huge employment opportunities. From entry level to medium to the top, there are several positions to be filled in this sector. All these positions are to be filled by the most suitable employees, and this is the reason why organisations are in great need of effective Financial Staffing Solutions. And turning towards Employment Agencies is, to a great extent, the best idea as it is highly effective and saves a lot of time and money as well. In addition, as these Recruitment Agencies always have a databank of potential job seekers, looking out for them can fetch the organisations with the most appropriate candidates.

Employment Agencies And Hiring Companies:
Several entities are looking forward for the aid from the Employment Agencies to fulfill their staffing needs of the finance department. There are several positions in the finance division of any organisation: auditor, accountant, payroll professional and more. All these positions have to be filled by the brainy minds. Though many organisations conduct interviews at their own premises and sort out the most suitable candidates for the vacant profile, but this is turning out to be quite expensive as well as time-consuming process. This is why, nowadays, organisations are turning to the Employment Agencies and finding the best candidate for the vacant Accounting positions. This brings a great deal for the organisations by saving time, energy and money as well.

Employment Agencies And Job Seekers:
Apart from the fact that organisations are seeking relief in the Employment Agencies, a number of value-driven, highly competent professionals are also getting themselves registered with these agencies. These firms come up with fruitful results for the candidates by introducing them with their preferred profile in the finance sector. Besides, as several Employment Agencies are supported by the consultants from Financial Services or Accountancy background, they ingeniously help the candidates to recognise their area of expertise. They provide complete support to the candidates during their struggling period.

Whether you are a job seeker or a job provider, the Employment Agencies are the ones you should turn to. Given their key role in the recruiting business, they have become a backbone for the commercial sector. And finding these Employment Agencies is not at all a rocket science! Spare a good half an hour in browsing the Internet and you are sure to come across the most reputed Employment Agencies In UK.

Tips to Help you in Choosing a Good Financial Recruitment Agency

January 30th, 2012

Organisations’ turning to the Recruitment Agencies for the staffing requirements is not a new concept anymore. For seeking the help of Employment Agencies provides a plethora of benefits to the employers. The foremost advantage being that there are more chances of getting the best lot of employees and the other substantial benefit being that it saves a lot of time which an organisation can substitute elsewhere. Most of the organisations all over the world are finding refuge in numerous Employment Agencies which offer quite reliable Staffing Solutions, be it the Accounting Recruitment or Financial Staffing Solutions. Given this, even many candidates have started registering themselves online, making it easy for themselves in getting the best opportunities and for the organisations to choose the best employees.

The Employment Opportunities And The Employment Agencies
From the past few years, Finance sector has been witnessing immense growth, resulting in a number of employment opportunities. Organisations are looking forward to the professional assistance of several Employment Agencies in UK. At the same time, it becomes imperative for the organisations to conduct a thorough research before entrusting the staffing responsibilities to these agencies. Some of the aspects which must be taken into consideration are:

The Industry Reputation Of The Agency
Make sure that the agency you are going to call on is a well-reputed Employment Agency Firm. To carry out your research work for the most appropriate Financial Staffing Solutions, what can be the better option when we are blessed with the Internet! Type in the name of the concerned Finance Recruitment Agency in the address bar of the web page and observe what kind of information is available about them.

The Fees They Charge
Don’t go only by the big name of the Employment Agency! There are several organisations which mistakenly get into the influence of the big name of the Recruiting Agency and end up paying comparatively more than required and getting less than what’s expected. Take your time but get full-fledged information about the offering of concerned Recruiting Agency.

The Success Rate of the agency
The organisations must carry out a detailed research about the achievements of the Employment Agency in question. Look at their past experiences as well that how many organisations they have been associated with. Besides, feedback can also be taken from different clients who have benefited from their services and it may even be other way round.

It’s not difficult to select the best Employment Agency in UK, given that you conduct a thorough research. At the end, isn’t it better to pay a considerable time to your research rather than regretting your decision later?

The Benefits of Using Recruitment Consultants for Graduate Roles

January 30th, 2012

Getting the right start in a career is not as easy as it seems while you’re in the college. You have to look for the interest area, what suits your expertise, which company to choose and which profile will add to your experience. The right method of finding the job is equally important and Recruitment Consultants are there to assist the fresh graduates. Recruitment Consultants keep a tab on new openings in different fields and accordingly, offer the best possible opportunities to the job seekers.

Recruitment Consultants play a major role in keeping the fresh graduates on the right track to success. A hasty step at the beginning of the career can ruin the scope of growth, as the candidates, most of the times, accept any opportunity which comes first without analysing its long term effect on their career. To avoid such a situation of ruin and disappointment, it is better to take the assistance of Recruitment Consultants. Recruitment Consultants in UK are doing a commendable job as a guide to the fresh graduates.

Recruitment Consultants: Offering Complete Recruitment Solution
There are many ways to search the best job at the start of the career, such as one can go through newspaper and magazines to search for employment options. This method of job search, no doubt, offers different options to the job seekers, but there is no one to guide them where to go, how to apply, how to prepare for the interview, etc. For the complete job search solution, Recruitment Agencies are the best, as they stay with the job seekers at each step of their job searching.

There are many benefits of availing the services of the professional Recruitment Consultants. A thorough discussion with the Recruitment Professionals helps the fresh graduates to convey their interest to them. The expert services that can be enjoyed after getting registered with the Recruitment Consultants are:

·    In writing a professional CV:  A fresh graduate generally get stuck at the time of the framing of their CV. Giving a professional touch to the CV is very important, as it is the index of the skills, achievements and capabilities of the candidates.
·    Recruitment Consultants prepare the job seekers for confidently facing the interview. They make the candidates aware of the frequently asked questions and rehearse them in answering these questions confidently.
·    A thorough discussion with the Recruitment Consultants help the job seekers to know their strengths and weaknesses, and get a clear picture of where they stand at present and where they can reach after a certain period of time.
·    Recruitment Consultants also offer proper training to the fresh graduates and offer them opportunities to get experience as an intern.

The services of Recruitment Consultants London can be enjoyed after searching the Best Recruitment Consultant either working independently or for a Recruitment Agency. Many of these Recruitment Consultants are available online and you just need to visit their websites and understand their style of working, before finalising them.