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Financial Services Representative: Lucrative Opportunities Through Recruitment Firms

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Through the finance sector has been through some major downs lately but there is always a need for qualified Financial Services Representatives in UK at many companies. However, those who are looking for jobs in this field should do some research on the skills required to be successful in this field and the channels through which they can get the best Financial Services Representative career opportunities. Some of the aspects of the Financial Services Representative’s job are:

The Sales Function
Selling the products and services of the bank for which the Financial Representatives work is their main job. Besides, offering sound financial advisory to the clients is also their responsibility. Since this involves direct sales and targets have to be met on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so people with good communication and convincing skills and an ability to handle pressure are best for it.

Customer Care Function
Handling the queries of customers is a major part of their job as they are the first point of interaction for the bank’s clients. Having good market knowledge and familiarity with the bank policies and procedures along with excellent multi-tasking abilities surely helps.

Training Required
The policies and regulations of a bank may change from time to time and the Financial Representative must update himself/herself with the changes. For this, they must complete the annual trainings in addition to other trainings that are necessary. A bank may put an employee on probation and in extreme cases even issue termination letter on failure to complete the trainings.

The job of a Financial Representative can be demanding at times when they have to stay in late or work sometimes on weekends. So they must be flexible enough for the same.

Opportunities To Get Ahead
Positions beyond this profile are available for those who work for several years as a Financial Representative. By then, they should be thorough with their responsibilities and that of the bank teller to handle a managerial position. Though education is important but the best knowledge comes from a hands-on experience in the field.

Financial Services Representative Careers-Channels To Find Jobs
The good way to find Financial Services Representative Jobs is to go online for searching the positions available but the best way is to contact financial service recruiters who will not only get you in touch with the top companies but also help out with other aspects. From grooming, career advice to proper job v/s skill-set match and negotiation, they can do it all.

A rewarding financial representative career awaits those who are willing to work well on their own & as a team, enjoy meeting new people and have an entrepreneurial spirit in them. Here, the Financial Services Recruitment Agencies in London and other areas in UK can be of great help not only in starting off but also in career succession.

Succeeding At Big 4 Accountancy Interviews

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Getting a job with the Big 4 i.e. Price waterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and KPMG is the dream of many. But, with the cut-throat competition arising out of many qualified accounting candidates and few positions, it may look like a distant dream at times. The main hurdle to face here is the interview for which a candidate must be aware of not just the company’s working but should also sharpen up and highlight his/her skills that will be indispensable for the company. Hiring for auditors has become very difficult in the wake of the volatile market conditions and despite the burgeoning need for highly qualified candidates, such companies have now adopted a tougher method of screening.

So does that mean that you can start pulling out your hair while thinking of your dismal chances? The answer is no! What you should adopt here is the strategy of – ‘If you have got it, flaunt it’. Just make sure you are flaunting the right attitude and skills that are required by the organization and you can surely ace the interview. The things that you need to flaunt are:

Get The Basics Right
Education is the foundation of your career and to qualify for the CPA exam, you need at least 150 semester units. Having a backing of an accounting course will be better as well. Throw in some financial courses and you are all set towards creating a profile that the Big 4 companies require. Also, ensure that your GPA score is high.

Such companies don’t require someone with a tunnel vision i.e. expertise in only one area. It goes without saying that these companies prefer candidates who have worked in diverse areas and also have a diversified social life.

Expertise In Communication
Accounting has ceased to be a desk job that’s all about number crunching. To be a valuable employee, you need to coordinate with various departments. At the interview, you can talk on an industry topic that you are very familiar with. You can also talk normally to show your social side and let the interviewers open about themselves as well.

Show That You Are The Leader
Last but not the least, for further growth in any organization, you need to be a leader. In the interview, you can talk about your leadership skills corroborated with incidents where these were useful in solving a problem. You should also be comfortable to work in a team that may be multi-cultural.

Considering these from the start of your career will have a big impact on your over all job profile. So to get hired by the Big 4 companies in UK; just have a solid plan and inculcate all the desirable qualities.

Transparency In Financial Services Is A Good Tool for Increasing Your Integrity

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Many financial service providers still continue to practice the art of shady marketing where their customers have no clue about the hidden costs that they have to pay for a financial product purchased by them. But what they fail to realize is that customers have become smarter than earlier and are taking each step cautiously to avoid falling in such a trap. Fees, penalties and trailing commissions are some types of these hidden costs that can drain them by thousands of dollars!

Sooner or later the customer is bound to see-through the tactics of such advisers and this hurts the company’s image big-time. Not only do they stop trusting the company but even the product provider and the scope of getting any reference from them nullifies as well.

Why do the financial advisers do it?
The main reason why they refuse to be open with such things is because they are affiliated with a particular product provider (for e.g. Finance Company or Brokerage House, Insurance Company, bank and Mortgage Company) and may promote a specific offering that can give them more commission. But this mayor may not be beneficial to the customer. So while they continue to get trailing commissions on the lifetime of the product, the customer ends up paying the extra money that would have otherwise gone into the customer’s pocket. The catch here is that the adviser may earn money by such fleecing but eventually ends up losing his/her precious clientele and ultimately the reputation of the company.

With the volatile markets today, the customers are not taking any chances and will do the most thorough research before contacting such an adviser to get maximum returns on their investment. Not only this, they are confident enough to ask questions in depth and any financial adviser who fails to answer these clearly will land up in trouble.

What Needs To Be Done?
·    A financial adviser must be transparent with the customer and follow all the set regulations.
·    S/he should educate the customer about all the associated fees, default commissions, terms and conditions, commissions, rebates, and penalties.
·    S/he must let the customer know about the associated companies and what product they can or cannot sell, with the right reasons for doing so.

Customers who get such information in a satisfactory manner may proceed ahead but for those who even have a tinge of doubt, it is better to contact the product provider and get complete information in writing from them.

Financial Services for Small Business

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Though Small Businesses operate on a small scale but require the best financial planning in order for best management of the money. Many small companies think that they can handle the finances but not all can. Here, the Financial Service Providers come into play, by providing professional assistance in handling all aspects of traditional as well as modern day needs of the business. So whether the companies need help with the basic tax return aspects or the complex risk assessment & management procedures, these Financial Services in UK provided by experienced companies can be of great assistance. Some of the areas where they can help are:

Accounting Services
The Accounting function is very important for any firm- small, medium or large. The figures need to be in place other wise the company may face a lot of trouble in managing profits and losses. Here, your expert accountant or the one hired from a public accounting firm can be an asset by providing help for loan negotiation and financial planning besides completing the financial statements of the company.

Debt Financing
The mindset of the financial lenders has changed over the years and now they don’t mind considering the small business owners requiring loans on short or long-term basis. Fee Only Financial Planners This is due to their increasing credibility and the ‘sustained demand-factor’. But commercial lenders can be of various types such as banks and credit unions that often function in different ways and have different financing schemes. The financial service provider in UK can provide consultancy in such matters by alerting the companies on the special discounts and the positive & negative aspects of dealing with different lenders.

Insurance Protection
Insuring is not given the importance by the companies having small business at times but it they who have to bear the most damaging losses that can affect their very foundation. A commercial insurance agency in UK can help you here by finding out the important risks to be covered, that are often ignored. But to find one, you should search online or ask for referrals in your community and work with a company that can work more as your partner to understand the deeply what your company needs.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning constitutes various aspects such as simplified plans, savings incentives, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans and 401(K) plans that need to be formulated under supervision of experts from mutual fund companies or benefits consultant. This is necessary if you want to aim for better recruitment and retaining of employees.

Fulfilling the special needs of such small businesses, many Financial Service Providers in UK have come up, who keep an eye on the market and accordingly help their clients in forming the right financial strategies in any economy.

Tips For An Accountant Job Interview

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

The common misconception most of the people have is that an accountant job interview is all about technical knowledge and nothing else. However, in reality, this conception is somewhat true but behavior patterns of candidates also have an equal significance in the same. This is because, apart from your expertise in accounting, the employer also wants to know your response to the different possible work situations. Fee Only Financial Planners If your behavioral part doesn’t impress or satisfy the employer then don’t be surprised for not getting selected despite of your helluva technical knowledge in accounting.

This blog will unravel a plenty of behavioral and technical questions and your task is to do brainstorming upon them before going for an accounting job interview. Doing this can certainly help you in getting your desired job without much hassle.

Common Technical Questions
The following question in some form or the other can be anticipated:
·    What types of accounting software and applications do you favor?
·    What is your experience in handling accounting discrepancies?
·    Have you implemented any cost effective plan and how successful was it?
·    How can your accounting experience benefit this company?
·    How proficient do you consider yourself in this field?
·    Have you ever come across forensic accounting techniques? What do you understand by it?

Common Behavioral Questions
The following questions, if not answered thoughtfully, can ruin your interview:
·    What motivates you to make a full fledged career in this field?
·    Suppose you miss a deadline, then how would you react and what action would you pursue?
·    What according to you is the biggest challenge in this profession and what’s your response upon it?
·    Is there any ethical dilemma you’ve faced in this problem?
·    Where do you see yourself after five years in this profession?

Apart from the above questions you should uncover as many as possible. Obviously one cannot know them all but various internet sources, especially the Recruitment Firms in UK, can guide you really well for your interview.

Finally, the candidates must prepare the answers to various anticipated questions. This not only helps to boost their confidence but also their comfort level while appearing in an interview.

Guidelines Aiding The Accounting Freshers

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

There are numerous jobs in accounting and finance sectors for both newly qualified and experienced accountants. These jobs are very much in demand and are well-compensated as well. Therefore, a career in accounting has become attractive in today’s times. And nowadays, people, instead of looking down, look up to an aspiring accountant. With the right guidance and support, which this blog aims at giving, you can achieve your aim as quickly as possible.

Get The Correct Edification
First of all you need to get the good education in finance or accounting from a certified university. Getting your school done, then your college degree in a specialized course, and if you want to get an expertise in accounting, then do a diploma course in the same. Then you should be aware of the exams like CIA, CPI plus CMI etc and crack them in order to get a good job in finance and accounting.

Choose The Type Of Accounting Job You Want
After getting the proper education and reputed certification, you must choose the kind of accounting job you want to do. Since accounting professionals are very much in-demand and are required in almost all the companies, these people have a great advantage when it comes to finding jobs. Fee Only Financial Planners However, choosing the right one, as per your interest, is very essential. You can choose to work in public domain, governmental, corporate or even non-profit organizations. Every kind of sector needs some kind of an expertise apart from extensive accounting knowledge. Selecting the area you want to work in is your first step towards a bright future.

Where To Look For A Job

Empowered with an expertise in the accounting profession, you need to find a good platform in order to exploit that knowledge and accumulate workable experience also. Apart from looking in the local newspapers, online recruitment firms in United Kingdom are very efficient in giving your career a wonderful start. These recruitment companies are capable of providing us the opportunities as per our knowledge and proficiency. So, make use of these companies to the fullest.

The above guidelines can greatly help you in making a bright career in the accounting and finance sector.

Tips To Start Your Career In Accounting With Flourish

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Accounting is one of the foremost well-compensated jobs in the today’s world. Aside from providing a good salary, you also get a good stability in your finance job. In the recent years, the demand for accounting careers has significantly risen, according to the statistics. Interestingly, the jobs in accounting and finance have a charm in the period of current economic recession also. Market research professionals have put forth that the requirement for accounting professionals is required more in period of economic depression. However, the growth in the accounting sector depends upon various factors. Obviously, none of you wants to take your career for a ride. Therefore, this blog will provide you with three useful tips which can help you in getting a great career start.

Choosing A Degree Program As Per Your Current Job
There are numerous kinds of online accounting degree programs available today: diploma and associate degree programs. These programs can greatly enlighten you and enhance your expertise in the area of accounting you have already chosen. In addition, you should go for the online degree programs if you have less spare time. And go for associate degree program if you are keen to gain extensive knowledge. The latter is more beneficial than the former.

Selecting A Good Location Is Pivotal

Associate degree programs can be easily pursued all around the world. However, it is recommended do them from the popular training colleges of London or Oxford. By getting a quality education from these locations, you would undoubtedly have an edge over the other people in the same field.

Choosing A Nationally Certified Colleges
Since there are manifold schools in London and Oxford, you should always go for the ones with which are nationally accredited. This is because only a nationally certified college can make a candidate appear in the CPA examination. If you successfully complete your associate degree program from one of the best colleges and pass the CPA exam, then you can grow in your accounting career with ease.

Finally, by following the above factors or tips, you can swiftly succeed in your accounting career.

Is Choosing A Career In Accounting Good For You?

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Since the topic is structured as a straightforward yes-no question, we have to decide first off whether choosing a full fledged career in accounting is a right choice or not. The answer to this question can go either ways, depending upon various things. And this blog will discuss both the pros and cons of the subject.

Accounting is undoubtedly a growing field, providing plethora of opportunities to the individuals. Staff accountant is one of the most common jobs people opt after doing accounting. Aside from that you can also apply for the better jobs in this field like financial manager, CPA, chief financial officer or treasurer, payroll analyst, real estate assessor and actuary. These accounting careers are not only well-respected but are also well-remunerated.

You just need to have an excellent analytical and mathematical abilities and a well-compensated accounting job can take you at par. In addition, accounting jobs offer a great stability if you work efficiently. And you can easily and conveniently search for your desired job over the internet. There are make Online Recruitment Companies in UK that can aid you in getting a job which is perfect for you. These UK based recruitment firms are highly reliable and trustworthy, and are the magnificent guides for the job-seekers in accounting.

In spite of being a future oriented field, the lifestyle of an accountant may not suit some of you. Especially in the initial years, their life is full of industrious work, long working hours and pressure as well. Moreover, even the people with excellent accounting talent and abilities can get fed up due to the monotonous and rigorous life of an accountant.

However, even these cons can be avoided if you are guided properly. You can opt for the accounting professions like that of actuary. Actuaries have their own offices and can live a flexible and healthy lifestyle. However, you need to go through several difficult and math-heavy exams, to get into this profession. And if you’re able to clear them all then actuary profession is a hell of a fruitful job.

In the final analysis, it is recommended to look for various recruitment firms online so that they can properly guide you whether the accounting career is good for you or not. If yes, then which field in accounting, and if no, then what other fields are perfect for you.

Lucrative Accounting Careers For The Graduates

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

In almost all real-world applications, one’s capability of reading, understanding and analyzing financial numbers is considered necessary. Therefore, an accounting degree has become very much in-demand as it can provide you with a plenty of career opportunities. You need to broaden your canvas because apart from choosing a staff accountant career, there are many other paths and opportunities that you could pursue: Financial Manager, Payroll Analyst, Actuary and Real Estate Assessor etc. Interestingly, all these opportunities have significant remunerative ability and can greatly enhance your career. Let’s now highlight a few top-most accounting careers.

Financial Analyst
This is one of the tailor-made jobs for the accounting graduates. The candidates for this position are required to analyze, assess and forecast financial numbers. Since most of the people in accounting field are well-trained from the beginning to do just that, they are perfectly fit for the position of financial analyst. Unlike typical accountants, financial analysts get to travel a hell lot and are exposed to numerous opportunities to master their field.

Payroll Analyst
Thinking analytically is generally an intrinsic part of an individual who has completed an accounting degree. This undoubtedly makes him/her a prime contender for the jobs and opportunities containing an “analyst” title. One of the most reckoned jobs of this kind is of payroll analyst. Payroll analysts are usually well compensated and are very much in-demand. A prior experience in accounting is a prerequisite for this job. The job profile of a payroll analyst generally contains establishment of payrolls conforming to labor laws and company guidelines, preparing financial reports and auditing payroll accounts.

This profession is another rewarding and future-oriented career for the accounting people.
Being one of the highest paid professions, it requires you to pass several math-heavy exams. Most of the actuaries have their own offices; therefore, it is also one of the most flexible jobs in this field.

Apart from the various campus placements, accounting graduates can search for the best jobs through various recruitment companies online. These Recruitment Firms in UK can not only guide you but also provide you with what you deserve and aspire to become.

An Introduction To Corporate Finance Careers

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Opting for corporate finance careers in UK is not a bad option at all. In simple words, these careers provide you with good amount money for dealing in money. Efficient handling of monetary transactions is an integral part of corporate finance. Many people are aspiring to be the finance professionals not only because of their expertise in accounts but also the remunerative ability of this career.
Individuals working in the corporate finance sector specialize in aiding the companies in creating various financial strategies and plans which will be greatly beneficial for the companies in the long run. A finance professional not only helps in expanding and supporting the operations of a business enterprise but also in managing cash resources, setting up acquisitions, and ensuring economic and financial stability in the future.

As long as the stability of corporate finance careers is concerned, it solely depends upon your efficiency. If you are working in this field then your aim should be somewhat akin to: “How can I efficiently contribute to the company by exploiting my finance expertise?” How can I plan and manage so that the company benefits from it to the fullest, in the short run as well as long run?”

Let’s now take an overview of a few good jobs available in the corporate finance field:

Cash Managers
These managers mainly deal in short-run credit requirements, and ensure the availability of adequate finances in order to run day-to-day business operations. Maintaining healthy relationships with various banks and lenders, these cash managers also manage local and global fund transfers.

Financial Analysts
Right from preparing budgets to suggesting derivative strategies, the role of financial analysts is very pivotal to a business firm. With an absolute understanding of how finance works in the business sector, these financial analysts have different specializations in the areas like planning, budgeting, revenue and project finance etc.

Apart from the above two, Investor Relation Officers, Controllers, Treasury Managers and Credit Managers are also quite remunerative jobs in the field. In addition, for any of these positions, you need to have a knowledgeable understanding about the role you might have to play and you must inquire whether you’re fit for that role or not. If not, find out what you need to do in order to get the desired job and master the requirements.
Finally, you can easily search for various job opportunities best for you through different recruitment firms online. Corporate finance careers in UK are very well sought after and various Online Recruitment Companies in UK can pave the way for your bright future.