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McBarron Wood's CV Video for  Accounting and Financial Jobs in London

Candidate CV Video

Welcome to McBarron Wood's approach to bringing your CV to life.  We all know that a CV can be a one dimensional marketing tool, so we have a superb alternative to allow our client’s to be able to meet you, prior to actually meeting with you.  

Simply click the video below – our Managing Director, Derek Ludlow will explain to a step by step approach to recording your profile.  In brief, simply watch the video and send us an email.  

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Get support from our specialist Accounting and Financial recruitment consultants

A specialist financial consultant will drop you an email with instructions of where to go and how to login to our system – it’s SIMPLE.  You will need a web camera with a built in microphone and be using Internet Explorer rather than Firefox.

Some TIPS:

  • Ensure you have a blank background behind you.  It is important that you portray the very best image of yourself, so a cluttered background will not look professional.

  • Ensure you are in a quiet place and that you speak and articulate yourself professionally and clearly.

  • Ensure that there is adequate lighting in the room, so as your video is of the highest quality.

  • Plan your 60 seconds to 2 minutes prior to recording.

Remember, this is your chance to really impress.  If you have any problems whatsoever, once you have received an email from McBarron Wood, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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