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Financial management is responsible for the smooth and efficient flow of businesses funds. Not only does the Financial management team analyse the business financial spending figures and reports, but it can also give advice when decisions need to be made on investments. At McBarron Wood International, we know how important this function is to any company and with our experience we know what skill-set is required to find your next perfect Financial Management team member. Rated amongst the most respected Finance Recruitment Agencies / Search Companies in London, McBarron Wood International has expertise in Financial Management Recruitment and senior level search & seection.

Listed amongst the most trustworthy Financial Recruitment Consultants in the UK, McBarron Wood International not only operates a very established talent bank in the UK, but also has overseas contacts in Australia, America, Canada, Europe and a number of other countries.

Our Global Talent Bank

McBarron Wood operates a very established talent bank in the UK but also has overseas contacts in Australia, America, Canada, Europe and a number of other countries. This comes from years of experience, and the company being very well networked globally, enabling us to have the correct range of candidates ready to suit your exact requirements. McBarron Wood are constantly aware of a multitude of candidates who are passively job seeking new Senior Roles and we are not afraid to contact these people to actively find the right person. The passive job seeker is someone who knows they need to find their next promotion but have yet to do anything about job searching. McBarron Wood have the skills and experience to contact these individuals, who otherwise probably wouldn’t actively be looking for work, to find you the ideal skill set for a particular role that might otherwise be missed. McBarron Wood really will do all the hard work for you ensuring that you only see the best candidates for your role and you are safe in the knowledge that you are working with professionals.

Prices and Terms

One of the advantages of using a recruitment company is that they operate on a no win - no fee basis and McBarron Wood is no exception. This is highly attractive for employers, as it represents a low risk method of recruitment. McBarron Wood’s fee for successfully recruiting permanent roles is earned as a % of the salary of the person hired into the role.


Why should I use a Specialist Recruitment Company?

If you are looking for Financial Professionals with specific financial skills you should look for recruitment companies that focus specifically in this area. Not only will they be able to find you the best qualified individuals, they will have a much better understanding of the type of role you are trying to fill and therefore save you time. McBarron Wood specialises in Finance and Accountancy so if you are looking for this type of role then this we are your ideal choice for a great hassle free recruitment solution.

What should I check if I don’t use a Specialist Recruitment Company?

Hopefully you will choose a Specialist Recruitment company such as McBarron Wood. However, if you do choose a recruitment company that is not a specialist in the area you are recruiting for, find out about the structure of the recruitment company and make sure at the very least that they have consultants who have experience in recruiting the type of candidate that you're looking for. McBarron Wood will not recruit Consultants with less than 6 years’ experience in Finance and Accountancy and our Managing Director has over 16 years pure Finance and Accountancy knowledge so we know what we are talking about.

What is the process for using a Recruitment Company?

Once briefed, the recruitment company should start working on your behalf straight away, cutting down on delays when advertising for candidates. On the whole, the candidates put forward by a recruitment company will already have been interviewed by one of its Consultants who will have assessed their experience and be able to give you a clear reason why they think the candidates they have selected are suitable for the role.

Key factors to successfully using a recruitment company?

Give as detailed a brief as possible to your Consultant, where possible face to face. The more senior the position, the more time you should spend on this. If you invest time it will help greatly with the selection of quality candidates and in the long run will save you time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

  • Review the CVs that the Recruitment Consultant submits to you and give feedback. Once you have established the candidates you would like to interview, give dates and times for the interviews to take place to the Consultant to ensure the process runs smoothly.
  • Give feedback to the Recruitment Consultant after each interview. If the candidate is not suitable for the role, it is still important to give your reasons why so the Consultant can give feedback to the candidate. This also helps the Consultant's search for more relevant candidates so it is in your interest to provide this information.
  • Once an offer has been made to a candidate, via the Recruitment Company, you should follow it up with an offer letter on your own Company letter headed paper.
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McBarron Wood recruitment agency with offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool who specialize in Finance and Accountancy,Banking,Insurance,Pharmaceutical,Biotechnology etc. Utilising new generation recruitment software to supply the BEST Recruitment Services,Staffing solutions across the UK and Internationally.
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McBarron Wood can provide your industry with the best talent,Whether you are looking for a Finance Professionals,Finance Directors,CFO's or other key Exec positions in all Industry such as Insurance,Finance and Banking,Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology then we are here to help.
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