Candidate CV Video

Candidate CV Video

Welcome to McBarron Wood's approach to bringing your CV to life.  We all know that a CV can be a one dimensional marketing tool, so we have a superb alternative to allow our client’s to be able to meet you, prior to actually meeting with you.  

Simply click the video below – our Managing Director, Derek Ludlow will explain to a step by step approach to recording your profile.  In brief, simply watch the video and send us an email.

Get support from our specialist Accounting and Financial recruitment consultants

A specialist financial consultant will drop you an email with instructions of where to go and how to login to our system – it’s SIMPLE.  You will need a web camera with a built in microphone and be using Internet Explorer rather than Firefox.

Some TIPS:

Remember, this is your chance to really impress.  If you have any problems whatsoever, once you have received an email from McBarron Wood, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you are looking for a role in Finance & Accountancy in the UK, then we have a broad selection of all of clients jobs and many more.

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