Recruitment Management Solution

Recruitment Management Solution

Managing your Accountancy and Financial recruitment with our unique preferred supplier agreements.

We believe that there are too many clients who believe that their recruitment process does not warrant a “Master Vendor” agreement to help them achieve their recruitment goals.  Instead the reality is that they receive 100’s if not thousands of calls every month from recruiters without any experience in Finance & Accountancy, which results in company downtime and ultimately lost productivity.

Some companies choose to adopt the conventional “Preferred Supplier Agreement” or (PSA), with many using generalists recruiting firms with no prior Finance & Accountancy experience, to assist on their critical more senior Financial Services and Accountancy appointments.  We believe at McBarron Wood that this is not only counterproductive, but can often lead to additional expenses to the business, especially when your “Preferred Supplier Agreement” has in excess of 5 generalist recruitment agencies on it.


So what do we offer at McBarron Wood?  We offer our bespoke built “Master Vendor Agreement” to  clients’ from SME’s to PLC’s who want to drastically make professional changes to their recruitment process.  We are not interested in your size of company, it’s about saving our clients’ time and money, and therefore adding TRUE value to their recruitment process, driving talent up and costs down!


Some of the benefits includes:

  • STOPPING the constant barrage & infiltration of inexperienced recruitment agency calls. 

It inevitably therefore frees up your staffs time, allowing your hiring managers to do what they do BEST. All of our team are from a Financial background, we are not generalists, we understand your positions and hit the ground running.

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