Our Search Approach - Why work with us?

Our Approach

We fully understand that our approach is not for everyone, please read below:

  • As much as every 'potential client' is evaluating us, we too are evaluating them.
  • We quite simply do not work with everyone.

Who we work with & why?

We work with clients' who respect the value that our team can add to their search & advisory process.

  • With more than 2 decades of pure search experience, our CEO, Derek Ludlow, has set a precedence in the business to ONLY work with candidates and clients who completely understand and respect what McBarron Wood stands for and what we do.
  • Likewise, we fully understand that this is not for everyone and respect that some clients' will not want to work on that basis.
  • We respectfully ask, that if we do say we cannot work with you, this is out of sheer respect for your business, as well as our own integrity and respect for what we stand for and what our current clients have come to expect from us.

If you would like any clarification on this, we ask you to reach out to our CEO directly on 0207 0969080 option 4 - book a call here https://my.timetrade.com/book/M7Z71 

Searching Jobs ??

If you are looking for a role in Finance & Accountancy in the UK, then we have a broad selection of all of clients jobs and many more.

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