Recruitment Preferred Supplier Agreement

Recruitment Preferred Supplier Agreement


C-Level Mastor Vendor agreement


So you are thinking about creating a MASTOR VENDOR agreement – but you don’t think you are large enough to warrant one?  So many of our clients tell us this on a regular basis.  So what inevitably happens is, hiring managers and HR (Human Resources) take 100’s of calls from different recruiters every day. Some who know what they do, and others that are simply told to pick up any job they can.  It can be hugely frustrating.

The most organised commonly adopt the ‘traditional’ Preferred Supplier Agreement, with so many also including generalist recruitment agencies to secure their senior Finance appointments.  When speaking with clients about exactly this, we often hear about the frustrations of not being able to stop the incessant calls from non-finance professional recruiters.  This can be hugely counterproductive and costly!.

At McBarron Wood our aim is to simplify this process for you. Come and talk to our MD and see how we can SAVE YOU MONEY and secure you the best talent, without compromising on quality.

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