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McBarron Wood is a well-respected specialist BESPOKE 'C-Suite'

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Welcome to McBarron Wood Specialist 'C-Suite' Executive Search & Advisory #fintech

(Fintech (Blockchain), Financial Services, Technology, Trade Finance, Retail & FMCG)

Established since 2006.  McBarron Wood is a well-respected specialist c-suite executive search consultancy specialising in finance & accountancy, FinTech, Financial Services, Technology, Trade Finance, Retail & FMCG (Senior Level Accountancy) - Finance Director, CFO, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, FINTECH Financial Sales, CTO, GRC, Governance, Risk & Compliance encompassing senior sales. All of our positions are EXCLUSIVE & or FULLY RETAINED searches.  Our teams utilise the latest generation of search software to supply the best c-suite talent in our specialisms across the UK and internationally. Our teams comprise of dedicated professionals from c-suite search & advisory executive search backgrounds spanning the globe.

We understand our client cultures and develop long-lasting relationships with them across their finance & accountancy management & senior level executive appointment needs, from Oxford, Aylesbury, Birmingham, London and cities across the UK and globally. Whatever your finance & accountancy requirements, be it CFO, CTO to Financial GRC Sales opportunities in London, Compliance search/recruitment in Oxford, Risk recruitment in London, or elsewhere in finance & accountancy, we have quickly gained a reputation for delivering excellence in catering to all your needs in C-Level human capital search and selection.

Every business knows that their C-Suite Individuals are the cool headed, strategic beating hearts of their FinTech businesses. So what would be the impact if you didn’t have the best people working with you?  How would you feel if your competitors secured the best before you did?
22 years of working C-Suite, seeing the boom bust of the DOT COM rise and fall and FinTech industry grow and grow has led McBarron Wood to partner with some of the world’s leading Financial Services businesses and business minds.
This has not just happened by chance! We are fully aware of the war for talent raging in the FinTech space. From Finance, Sales, Payments etc. So we partner with our clients to deliver the best! 
What we have learned over more than 2 decades is that people and businesses will ultimately have the end result of that they are fully prepared to tolerate.
Like you, we do not work with everyone. We believe in partnerships. Mutual respect is everything. Agreed?
Finding the TOP 1%
We have been in the FinTech Industry since the beginning. We have seen how this industry has grown and developed. We chose to purely focus on Financial Services and FinTech – for the exciting new innovations which are constantly being brought to the market.
It is no secret that the TOP 1% of talented C-Suite executives in the Financial Services and FinTech industries are highly sought after.  These people RARELY, if ever APPLY for jobs advertised on job boards.  These people are working right now in your competitor environment. FACT!
Our clients use specialists! Specialists to develop their sales pipelines, specialists to develop their technology, their strategies.  So why are you NOT using a specialist to develop your C-Suite?
We offer a highly targeted and specialist approach, with over 2 decades of specific industry insights on how to approach and attract the TOP 1% who will make an instant difference in your businesses. The TOP 1% are NOT applying to your JOBS are Social Media or JOB BOARDS, they are NOT actively looking. The TOP 1% are working right now. They need approaching by professionals...  If you want to find out more, book an appointment below. NO OBLIGATION.

C-Level Search and Selection

Our ethos is to deliver clear and transparent valuable solutions to all our client's recruitment / search problems, needs and requirements.  Our bespoke software boasts the best middle management and senior level human capital /candidates & appointments spanning across several industry areas. Our professionalism and expertise in handling each search solution make us a leading specialist across our specialisms - Finance & Accountancy (Retail & FMCG), FinTech, Technology, Sales, GRC Executive Search Consultancy, working across the UK and Internationally.

Every client is different and therefore every search solution is tailored to their specific needs and requirements, clearly outlining our ethos to solve any human capita search problem for our clients.  Our approach is an honest one.  If we can help we will let you know, likewise do not be offended if we tell you honestly we are unable to assist.

PLEASE NOTE: As a search firm WE DO NOT advertise all of our JOBS on our website, please contact us to find out more

A POLITE NOTICE unlike our competitors, we are a fully retained or exclusive search and selection business ONLY.  We do not work contingency based CV RACING with multiple agencies.  We find this dilutes our client branding, makes a mockery of recruitment and search, as the quality of the search ultimately goes down.

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